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Dear Governor Hochul: Increased Subway Surveillance Does Not Equal Public Safety
By Sage Overskei North on April 9, 2024

Governor Hochul announced a new initiative to create a police state in NYC subways in the name of public...

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The Return of Broken Windows Policing
By Cade Terada on March 25, 2024

New York City is seeing a return of broken windows-style policing, which former mayor Rudy Giuliani...

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Common Justice 2024 Legislative Priority Spotlight: The Treatment Not Jail Act
By Alice Hamblett on March 22, 2024

Prisons and jails have and will continue to fail to keep us safe. Instead, they foster violence and...

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Silence Is Violence: Hiding Deaths in City Jails Emboldens Lawmakers to Keep Ignoring Incarcerated New Yorkers
By Alice Hamblett on June 15, 2023

Last fall, Common Justice published a blog post on the pervasiveness of medical neglect in New York City...

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Jordan Neely Should be Alive Today: How Elected Officials’ Attempts to Promote “Public Safety” Have Failed New Yorkers
By Common Justice Staff on May 16, 2023

The recent murder of Jordan Neely, a young unhoused Black man living with mental health complexities, on...

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Unhoused New Yorkers need more resources, not more police
By Malika Lubell-Doughtie on December 15, 2022

Mayor Adams announced a seemingly flippant plan to “help” street homeless New Yorkers who are struggling...

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