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Surviving Invisibility
By D'Angelo Cameron on October 16, 2021

Our public safety system is ill-equipped to find missing Black people or intervene in domestic violence.

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Mass Incarceration

The Case to Close Rikers
By Jessica Persaud on October 13, 2021

For far too long, the atrocities at Rikers Island Jail have gone unaddressed. We must decarcerate and close it. Eerily close to the 50th anniversary of the Attica riots, Rikers Island...

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The Big Apple Has Homelessness—Not Just Dreams and Rich Lifestyles
By Terri Daniels on September 28, 2021

NYC is experiencing a housing crisis, with those who identify as LGBTQIA+ being most impacted. New York City is portrayed as the city of dreams, fashion, sex, food, and freedom; however,...

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The Privilege of Sheltering in Place
By Aliya Brown on August 30, 2021

Stay-at-home orders across the country have implications for our most vulnerable.

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How We Can Overcome the Inevitable Stigmas of a Crisis
By Aliya Brown on August 2, 2021

Learning from the HIV/AIDS Epidemic and the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

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Ableism is a racial justice issue
By K. A. on July 21, 2021

A truly equitable world means the needs of disabled people are not only considered, but prioritized.

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2021 Mass Incarceration

Police Don't Belong At Pride
By D'Angelo Cameron on June 25, 2021

The Pride we know started as a protest against police violence. For the past 25 years, the New York Police Department (NYPD) has marched in the legendary New York City Pride parade....

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2021 Racism

Centering Critical Race Theory in the Fight for Justice this Juneteenth
By Aliya Brown on June 18, 2021

100 Years Later, We Have Yet to Reckon with Our Darkest Moments This Juneteenth, we must put pressure on elected officials and society at large to acknowledge Black and other people of...

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2021 Mass Incarceration

More Police Is Not The Answer To Gun Violence
By D'Angelo Cameron on May 26, 2021

As gun violence spikes in cities like New York, many are looking to mass incarceration to solve the issue instead of addressing the root causes of violence. With life adjusting to the...

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Violence 2021

Our Statement On The Violence in Palestine
By Common Justice Staff on May 19, 2021

What is happening to Palestinians today and what has been happening to Palestinians for over a century is a wrenching example of systemic violence rooted in settler-colonialism and white...

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